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Air Corporate Srl with sole shareholder, with registered office in Monza (MB), Via Valosa di sopra 9,

CF 08115820154 - VAT number 02987430234, registered in the Company Register of Monza Brianza Lodi Milano nder no. 2607838 ),
e-mail, is a leading company in the air transport sector and through its website offers its users (collectively, the individually, the air transportation services

The User, before using the AC Services, is invited to carefully read these conditions
general terms of use of the Site. By submitting the form, the User declares to have read and expressly accepts the
present general conditions of use (“General Conditions of Use - CGU”).


1. NAVIGATION – SENDING DATA ............................................ .................................................... ........................ 5
2. SECTIONS OF THE SITE ............................................. .................................................... ........................................6
3. ACTIONS OF USERS ON THE SITE ................................... .................................................... ..................... 6
4. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS ........................................ .................................................... ........ 7
5. AC'S LIABILITY ............................................. .................................................... .................................8
6. CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTACTS AND COMPLAINTS ............................ .................................................... ........ 8
7. CHANGES TO THE SERVICE OR CHANGES TO THE CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE SITE .................................... ........ ..8
8. APP USE SPECIFICATIONS ............................................. .................................................... ............................9
9. APPLICABLE LAW AND COMPETENT COURT .............................................. .................................................... ...10


1.1Navigation on the site is free. The User can freely navigate and interact on the Site without
register and create your own Personal Account. In any case, they may be requested from time to time
specific consents to the User for the processing of their personal data and/or for the use of cookies or similar
by AC.

1.2Sending the completed form or, if the User has downloaded the application for devices
furniture called the "APP", through the same, implies acceptance of the General Conditions of Carriage,
present on the site.

1.3In any case, AC does not allow underage Users to purchase the Services, pursuant to art. 8 of
Regulation (EU) 2016/679. The data is collected and processed in compliance with European legislation and
national law on the protection of personal data, in particular in compliance with the Regulation (EU)
2016/679 (better known as "GDPR") and Legislative Decree 196/2003, and in compliance with the information on data
personal data that the User is required to read and understand before proceeding with the Registration and that he finds
published in the footer of the Site and constantly updated.

1.4By making purchases through the Site, the User expressly and freely authorizes AC to:

  • receive institutional communications relating to AC or news relating to the sectors in which AC


  • receive communications aimed at the promotion and/or direct sale of similar services a

         quelli già acquistati/fruiti dall 'User, pursuant to art. 130c. 4 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 as amended, at
e-mail indicato on such occasions (so-called "soft spamming"), without prejudice to the Users right to
opporsi in qualsiasi momento con le methods indicated at the bottom of the communication or by contacting

il Servizio Clienti al Numero Verde .

1.5The User guarantees that the personal data provided during the procedure for sending the form and/or during the
conclusion of an order, are complete and truthful and undertakes to hold AC harmless and indemnified from
any damage, compensation obligation and/or sanction deriving from and/or in any way connected to the
violation by the User of the rules concerning the order.


2.1The Site is made up of 7 distinct sections, which the User can access through the dedicated buttons
in the header of the Site or in the navigation links on the Site, called:

  • Who we are

  • Certifications

  • Services

  • Blogs

  • Fleet

  • FAQs

  • Gallery

For sending the form, the terms and conditions are contained in the General Conditions of Carriage (CGT).


3.1It is prohibited to use the AC Services:

  • in such a way as to cause, or could cause, interruptions, damages and/or malfunctions to the Services

AC and its functionalities, including, by way of example, the Site or the APP, and/or

  • for purposes not permitted by law, or in any case to commit illegal activities, and/or

  • to cause disturbance, prejudice and/or apprehension to any third party.

Without prejudice to the right to compensation for damages, AC reserves the right to prevent access to the Site
and/or the AC Services, to remove or modify the contents of the Site, in case of violation of the provisions
applicable laws, these General Conditions of Use or other AC policies.

3.2The User undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless AC from any damage deriving from or
however connected with the Contents provided by the same.


4.1All content present and/or made available through the Services such as trademarks, logos or other signs
badges, drawings, photographs, images, text, graphics, sounds, audio files and/or video files, digital downloads,
data collections, software, etc. are the exclusive property of AC and/or legitimately used by it e
are protected by legislation on intellectual and industrial property (the "Materials").


It is strictly forbidden to copy, extract and/or systematically reuse all and/or part of the usable Materials
through the Services. By way of example, it is not permitted to use tools and/or devices of
acquisition or extraction to extract (one or more times) and/or to reuse any substantial part of the
Materials, of any Service, as well as of the Site, without express written consent, as well as it is not allowed
create and/or publish a database that reproduces substantial portions of the Services without express consent
written by AC.

4.2AC is the exclusive owner of the Air Corporate brand, as well as the corresponding distinctive signs therein
including company, trademarks and domain names. The Services and features accessible through those Services
could be protected by one or more patents and/or other exclusive rights owned by AC itself, or
of which in any case AC is the licensee.

For detailed information regarding AC's intellectual and/or industrial property rights, the User may

contact AC at the addresses indicated in the GCU.

4.3AC is the exclusive owner or has the legitimate availability of all intellectual property rights ed
related to the Site, the APP, the software and databases connected to the Site, as well as all rights
of intellectual and industrial property relating to source and object codes, methods, algorithms, al
know-how, to any update of the Site itself, of the APP or of the software that allow it
functioning, including adaptation, translation, transformation and any other improvements and/or
modification, to any preparatory material relating to the Site and to information of any other nature.


It is strictly forbidden to extract, decompile and/or systematically reuse, in whole and/or in part, the Site,
the APP, the software that allows it to function and/or the databases connected to the Site and/or the APP.


AC cannot be held responsible for inactivity of the Site and/or the APP and/or for any delay and/or
non-fulfilment of the obligations established by the GCU, if they derive from unforeseeable circumstances and/or causes of force
higher, except as provided in the CGT.


It is possible to request information, send communications, request assistance or submit complaints,
by contacting Customer Service (“Customer Service”) in the following ways:

  • by email, to the address, or via the form available on the Website;

  • by telephone, on the toll-free number 800800612, active from Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day;

  • by mail, writing to Customer Service – Air Corporate., via Valosa di Sopra 9, 20900 Monza. Service

Customers will do their best to respond to complaints submitted within 5 (five) working days from
receipt of the same or, in any case, in the shortest possible time.


7.1AC reserves the right to modify the Services, other policies or these GCU at any time
time to offer new Services or to comply with legal and regulatory provisions.

7.2The User is invited to download and keep these GCU indicating at the bottom the date and version of the
same at the time of requesting the Services.


8.1The download of the APP and the navigation on the APP are free and are allowed to both Users and individuals
the quality of consumers and to Users who do not have this quality.

8.2However compatible and not expressly waived, the navigation and use of the APP are governed by
the same rules of these GCU.

8.3The APP is available on the Apple Store for IOS devices and on the Google Play Store for devices
Android. For iOS devices, the APP requires iOS 11.0 or above system and is compatible
with iPhone 4S or later devices. For Android devices, the APP requires devices with
an operating system 8.0 or later.

8.4The User declares to be aware and to accept that:

  • the APP is licensed and not sold;

  • the use of the APP by the User takes place under the User's responsibility and risk.

8.5Downloading and accessing the features available on the APP requires a network connection


These GCU are regulated and must be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Italian Republic e
are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian Republic. The exclusive jurisdiction for
any dispute relating to these GCU is the Court of Milan.


AC, however, reminds you that for the purpose of purchasing air transport services, the
provisions of the CGT, with specific reference to the provisions relating to the consumer forum.


Pursuant to articles 1341, c. 2 and 1342 of the Civil Code, the User declares to have read and to specifically accept the
following articles of these GCU: 1.5 (truthfulness of data entered and indemnification), 3 (User Content),
4 (intellectual property rights), 5 (AC responsibility), 7 (service changes), 9 (applicable law
and jurisdiction).



18.1 Company Objectives

The Company recognizes, to the maximum extent permitted by the laws of each system in which it operates, freedom of thought, expression and the right of association as fundamental prerogatives of individuals.

However, the Company maintains a position of autonomy and independence with respect to any political organization or trade union.

18.2 Definition

By Associations we mean a group of people gathered, organized and working for the pursuit of a common goal.

Trade union organization must be understood as the set of people who represent and carry out an activity aimed at protecting the rights of the category.

By political party we mean an association between people united by the same political purpose or by a common vision on fundamental questions of the management of the State or even only on specific and particular themes.

18.3 Principles and rules of conduct

The rules indicated below apply to any movement, organization or association which has political aims or which can be traced back to movements, organizations or associations which pursue political aims.

In order to avoid possible forms of corruption, the Company does not disburse, directly or indirectly, contributions to finance organizations, parties, movements, political or trade union committees, or their representatives or candidates.

Furthermore, the Company does not finance associations or sponsor events or congresses that have political propaganda as their purpose.


19.1 Company Objectives

The Company repudiates the commission of crimes of any kind. In order to minimize the danger of committing crimes of a transnational nature, the Company undertakes to guarantee that all relations, including those of a commercial nature, with subjects operating at an international level take place in compliance with the applicable laws.

19.2 Definition

Relations with international operators mean all relations (such as, by way of example, commercial, contractual and institutional relations) maintained with public or private entities outside Italy.

19.3 Principles and rules of conduct

The Company undertakes to take the necessary precautions to verify the reliability of these operators.

Furthermore, as far as it is responsible, the Company undertakes to collaborate, with correctness and transparency, with the Authorities, including foreign ones, which may request information or carry out investigations regarding the relations between the Company and international operators.



20.1 Company Objectives

It is the Company's commitment to actively contribute to the promotion of quality of life, to the socio-economic development of the communities in which the Company operates and to the formation of human capital and local skills, at the same time carrying out its business activities in a manner compatible with a fair business practice.


20.2 Definition

By local communities we mean a set of individuals who form a recognizable group, united by organisational, linguistic, religious, economic ties and common interests.

20.3 Principles and rules of conduct

The Company's activities are carried out in the awareness of the social responsibility that the Company  has towards all its Stakeholders and in particular the local communities in which it operates, in the belief that the capacity for dialogue and interaction with civil society they represent a fundamental value of the company. The Company respects the cultural, economic and social rights of the local communities in which it operates and undertakes to contribute, where possible, to their realization, with particular reference to the right to adequate food, drinking water, at the highest attainable level of physical and mental health, decent housing, education, culture, abstaining from actions that may hinder or impede the realization of these rights.

The Company promotes conditions of transparency in the information addressed to local communities, with particular reference to the topics of greatest interest to them, in order to take into due consideration the legitimate expectations of local communities in the conception and conduct of company activities in order to promote mechanisms adequate redistribution of profits deriving from the activities.

The Company therefore undertakes to disseminate knowledge of corporate values and principles internally and externally, also by establishing adequate control procedures, and to protect the specific rights of local populations, with particular reference to their cultures, institutions, ties and lifestyles.

The Company also undertakes to favour, support and promote the activities that bear witness to its commitment to take an active part in satisfying the needs of the communities in which it is present.


21.1 Company Objectives

The Company considers communication with the public an indispensable factor for its growth and for the fulfillment of its mission, being the instrument for transmitting the Company's values and image to the outside world.

However, the Company believes that confidential information is part of the company's assets understood in its broadest sense and as such must be protected, since the loss of such information could have serious consequences for the Company.

21.2 Definition

The rules and principles indicated below apply, by way of example but not exhaustively, to the relations between the Company and television and radio broadcasters, magazines, newspapers, information websites and press agencies in relation to facts, news and information concerning, even indirectly, the Company.

Confidential information is any personal, technical, scientific or commercial information that is not in the public domain. They include, but are not limited to: information regarding product prices and costs, product compositions and scientific research results; information on production methods and sales and marketing plans and strategies; information on contracts in progress or in the process of being concluded; customer, consumer, patient and supplier lists and information; financial information; inventions, trade secrets; the know-how; unforeseen products and developments.

21.3 Principles and rules of conduct

The Company considers the dissemination of correct, complete and truthful information on all company facts, and the maintenance of confidentiality on the same, when necessary, as a prerequisite for creating and maintaining a relationship of transparency and trust with all Recipients.

The Company addresses the press and communication bodies in general solely through the corporate bodies and corporate functions or those of their own group to which they belong, in an attitude of maximum correctness, availability and transparency, in compliance with the defined communication policy from society.

Information and communications relating to the Company and its activities and intended for the outside world must be accurate, truthful, complete, transparent and consistent with each other.

Personnel cannot issue statements and disclose data relating to confidential information of the Company.

Third Party Recipients cannot issue public statements, data and information regarding the Company.


22.1 Company Objectives

The Company considers the transparency and efficiency of business process management two essential factors for its success and for the fulfillment of its mission, contributing significantly to the creation of value and a feeling of trust on the part of the market, suppliers, of customers and consumers.

22.4 Definition

Transparency means the clarity and accuracy with which operations, transactions and any other information relating to the Company must be recorded.

By efficiency we mean a way of managing company activities based on cost-effectiveness, while respecting the highest quality standards.

22.3 Principles and rules of conduct

Recipients, in carrying out their duties, are required to provide truthful, accurate, complete and understandable information.

Every operation and transaction must be properly recorded and authorised. It must also be verifiable, legitimate, consistent and fair.

All decisions and operations must be adequately recorded and it must be possible to verify the process of their deliberation, authorization and implementation, also through adequate documentary support.

The Company's archives must be complete, orderly and readily accessible.

Any type of correspondence, whether by letter, fax, e-mail or even verbal comments, must be given in an appropriate tone and manner and must be clear and coherent in content so that it can be shown or delivered to a third party (e.g. a investigative authority, a court, other government institutions or auditors).

Every business activity must be based on economy in the management and use of resources, always in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Everyone is the responsible custodian of the company resources and assets (tangible and intangible) assigned to them.

It is forbidden to solicit, use or remove Company assets for personal use, damage or destroy Company assets, or make, or permit others to make, improper use of assigned Company assets or Company resources.


23.1 Company Objectives

In the context of relations with shareholders and with the market, the Company considers correctness in accounting management to be a fundamental value and pays particular attention to the preparation of the financial statements and other accounting documents.

23.2 Definition

The Balance sheet is defined as the document which summarizes a patrimonial, economic and financial situation in a given historical moment.

An accounting document must be understood as a title or a written declaration relating to an administrative fact to be recorded for accounting purposes in a company.

23.3 Principles and rules of conduct

The principles and rules of conduct set out below apply to the preparation of the financial statements, interim financial statements, balance sheets, reports and other corporate communications required by law and addressed to shareholders, creditors or the public regarding the economic, patrimonial or financial situation of the Company.

The Company ensures that all financial transactions and, in particular, any disbursement of funds by the Company, are correctly recorded in the accounting books, according to the principles of transparency, truthfulness, accuracy and completeness.

Each member of Staff is required to collaborate, within the scope of their respective functions and responsibilities, so that management facts are represented correctly and promptly in the accounting records.

It is forbidden to engage in conduct aimed at undermining the transparency and traceability of financial statement reporting and, in particular, it is forbidden to commit infidelity in the preparation of accounting documents and in their conservation.

With reference to each operation, adequate supporting documentation of the activity carried out must be kept, so as to allow easy and timely accounting entry; the identification of the different levels of responsibility and of division and segregation of duties; the accurate reconstruction of the operation, also to reduce the probability of material or interpretative errors.

Any Recipient who becomes aware of omissions or falsifications in the accounting or of the documentation on which the accounting records are based must report the facts of which he is aware to his superior, or to the body to which he belongs.

Each Personnel member assigned to present information relevant to financial reporting and intended for public disclosure is responsible for ensuring that such information is complete and accurate.

Each member of Staff is required, within the scope of their respective functions and responsibilities, to collaborate with the internal control bodies and with the Auditors and to indicate to them any fact, circumstance or behavior that does not comply with the principles established in this Code, as well as to report regarding any transaction that does not appear to correspond to a legitimate commercial or financial purpose.


24.1 Company Objectives

It is the Company's objective to ensure that the participation and organization of conferences, congresses and scientific meetings are carried out according to the principles of fairness and professionalism.

24.2 Definition

By conferences and congresses we mean those conventions, congresses and scientific meetings that focus on issues relating to the use of medicines and other products.

24.3 Principles and rules of conduct

Without prejudice to the regulatory provisions in force on the subject:

  • the agenda of conferences and congresses must be in line with the qualifications of the participants and with the medical-scientific objectives that these conferences and congresses set for themselves;

  • the location of these events is such that it can be easily reached by the participants, as well as appropriate for the type of meeting and audience

  • the coverage of travel expenses for any participants accompanying the participants is not borne by the Company.

If the local regulations in force in a particular state are more restrictive than the company rules, the local legislation must be observed.​


25.1 Company Objectives

The Company undertakes to manage its activities and relations with any third party, regardless of the private or public nature of the latter, in compliance with the criteria of correctness, transparency and independence by leveraging high levels of service and quality and without accepting or promise anything of value that could in any way affect the outcome of the transaction.

25.2 Definitions

Tribute must be understood as a gift legitimated by reasons of courtesy, deference or even commercial propaganda.

By act of courtesy we mean the disinterested act performed in the context of polite conduct. There is talk, by the way, of "wide social etiquette".

25.3 Principles and rules of conduct

Except in the cases indicated below, it is forbidden to accept, offer or promise, even indirectly, money, gifts, goods, services, favors or other benefits in relation to relationships maintained with any third party, regardless of the private or public nature of the latter, to influence their decisions, in view of more favorable treatment or undue performance or for any other purpose, including the performance or omission of acts inherent to their functions.

If connected to the aforementioned relationships, any requests or offers of money, gifts (with the exception of those of modest value, by which we mean those of use in relation to the circumstances), favors of any kind, forwarded or received from subjects operating for the Company, must be promptly brought to the attention of the Company.

Gifts and acts of courtesy, including invitations to lunches, dinners or social events, towards third parties, regardless of the private or public nature of the latter, are allowed only if they are of modest value and of such a nature that they cannot in any way the independence of the interested parties and cannot be interpreted as a means to obtain advantages improperly.

Such gifts and acts of courtesy, including invitations to lunches, dinners or social events, must be previously authorized by one's superior and are permitted under the following conditions:

  • that the gift or courtesy is permitted by law;

  • that the gift or act of courtesy is part of a working relationship inspired by fairness;

  • that the gift or courtesy is not contrary to industry practices;

  • that the gift or act of courtesy, should it be made public, cannot constitute a cause of embarrassment for the Company.





If a person required to comply with this Code of Ethics becomes aware of a fact and/or a circumstance capable of integrating the danger of their violation, he is required to promptly report it to the Company.

In particular, a special e-mail box is activestudiolegale@avvrocca.itwhere to send any reports regarding non-compliance with this Code, which will also be used for receiving reports of an anonymous nature, or those in which it is not possible to trace the identity of the sender.

The Company takes steps to ensure that those who have made such reports are not subject to retaliation, discrimination or, in any case, penalties, thus ensuring the adequate confidentiality of these subjects (unless there are any legal obligations that impose otherwise).

If a person required to comply with this Code of Ethics wishes to receive clarifications or indications in relation to the principles and rules of conduct established in this Code, he can contact to resolve his doubts:

to your direct supervisor for matters relating to your area of responsibility; to personnel management for questions and doubts relating to laws or internal regulations of the Company; to the financial director for doubts relating to financial aspects; to the Directors for aspects relating to corporate policies and practices.

If a person required to comply with this Code of Ethics wishes to contact a person external to his own company unit, for any question on possible violations of the law as well as the principles and rules of conduct established in this Code, he can contact the Board of Statutory Auditors.

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