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Cookie Policy



Premise and purpose

Air Corporate Srl, as data controller of personal data, uses cookies and other similar technologies to achieve the various purposes set out below.

Cookies are small text aggregates that are recorded on your navigation device when you visit this site.


The Owner uses cookies to collect information useful for evaluating the performance of its services, to improve their functioning and design as well as to offer content that is more in line with the interests and preferences of its users.

In particular, the Owner uses cookies to:

  • understand how its users use the services offered, in order to improve and evolve them;

  • collect information on the tastes and preferences of data subjects in order to present personalized content and optimize production and management costs;

  • keep track of the consent that the interested parties have given or denied, so as to carry out the treatments for the various purposes only if specifically authorized;

  • trace and analyze the usage behavior of interested parties who have given specific consent, in order to determine a profile of interests and offer targeted content and offers, optimizing production and management costs.

  • provide third parties with the information collected on the interested parties, subject to specific consent, by cross-referencing data in order to improve the third party's understanding of the tastes and preferences of users and to provide targeted services.


The pursuit of the purposes listed above relies on more granular purposes indicated clearly and punctually within the consent collection tool made available by the owner on this page and summarized below:

Purposes subject to consent(IAB Transparency Framework standard)

  1. Store and/or access information on a device

  2. Create a custom content profile

  3. Select custom content

  4. Evaluate content performance

  5. Apply market research to generate audience insights

  6. Develop and refine services

  7. Use accurate geolocation data

  8. Active scanning of device characteristics for identification purposes

Specific Purposes

  1. Sharing data and browsing interests with third parties

  2. Enrich the content profile with data from third parties

Special technical purposes always active

  1. Ensure security, prevent fraud and correct technical problems (debug)

  2. Technically publish content


Features and functionality subject to consent

To pursue one or more of the purposes listed above, the services (including those of authorized third parties) can make use of the following technical features and functions subject to consent:

  1. Use accurate geolocation data

  2. Active scanning of device characteristics for identification purposes


Features and functionality not subject to consent

To pursue one or more of the purposes listed above, the services (including those of authorized third parties) can make use of the following technical features and functions not subject to consent:

  1. Match and combine offline data sources

  2. Connect several devices

  3. Receive and use characteristics that your device automatically sends for identification purposes



      2. Classes of cookies

Cookies can be divided into two large families, in relation to who places them in the application or site that hosts them:

  • First-party cookies: these are cookies set directly by the Owner in the application or site you are using. These cookies can only be read by the application or the site itself and are not visible to other subjects who are not directly involved in the creation of the site or application;

  • Third-party cookies: these are cookies set by subjects other than the Owner and over which the Owner has no direct control. For example, if an application includes content offered by third parties, these third parties may place their own cookies to track how users use it. You can always oppose these cookies through the consent management tool on this page or, if these subjects are not part of the international consent management scheme to which the Owner has adhered, directly on the pages containing the cookie policy of these subjects.



     3. Duration and storage of cookies

Cookies can have a transient or persistent duration. In particular, the following are distinguished:

  • Session cookies: these are cookies that live only for the time in which you are actively connected to the application or site and you are using them and are deleted as soon as you log out. They are used to contain information necessary to transport information from one page to another, allowing us to offer you complex services that are developed over multiple pages and at multiple times.

  • Persistent cookies: These are cookies that remain registered on your device for a longer time than the session and equal to the duration specified within the cookie itself. We use them, for example, to keep track of your cookie choices so that we can behave consistently and consistently when you visit us again.



     4. Types of cookies

There are different types of cookies and other tools comparable to them:

  • Necessary technical cookies: these are cookies that allow us to link the various parts of the application together to make it work. Without them the services you are using could not work. This category also includes cookies that allow us to analyse, anonymously, how our application is working, which parts are used the most, in which time slots and from which geographical areas.

  • Necessary technical/functional cookies: these are cookies that allow you to keep track of your preferences and settings. We use them, for example, to keep track of which messages we have already shown you so you don't read them twice. Without these cookies, some sections or features may not operate as expected or your experience would be greatly impoverished.


  • Functional cookies: these are cookies that allow certain non-essential functions of the site to be provided. For example, those for integration with external partners who enable the provision of unnecessary services of the application and the site.


  • Performance cookies: these are cookies and other similar technologies that we use to verify that the application is functioning correctly and that the set objectives have been achieved and where, if necessary, we can take action to achieve them.



    5. Use of cookies by the owner

The Owner uses some types of cookies for various purposes.

In particular, the Owner uses:

  • Strictly necessary cookies, used to keep track of whether you have been shown the message for the collection of consent to the use of cookies, to keep track of the login (where available) and keep your authentication to the services active (where provided). They are also used to track the navigations of all our users in an anonymous and purely statistical way, to analyze which services work better than others and where the attention of those who use them is concentrated. In particular, the Owner makes use of the platformhttps://static.parastorage.comof WIX duly rendered non-identifying to respond to the indications of the authorities regarding the equivalence of analytical systems to cookies of an essential technical type;

  • Necessary functional cookies, used to keep track of your cookie consent choices so as to be able to enable the consequent mode of operation of the services;


  • Performance cookies to keep track of the navigation statistics of all our users more precisely, to analyze the progress of the site and applications. In particular, the Owner makes use of the platformhttps://static.parastorage.comby WIX.


  • Profiling cookies aimed at developing a profile of users in terms of their tastes, interests and methods of using the contents which allows us to improve our services to adapt them to the needs of our users.

     6. What do we mean by “personalization”?

With "personalization" the Owner means the set of analyzes and operations conducted on the basis of the contents you look at and how you use our site and its services, through statistical correlation, overall allow us to:

  • Make predictions about the interests we think you may have;

  • Show you personalized content;

  • Correct prediction errors from previous analyzes and improve your ability to be more accurate in the future.

In the presence of specific and separate consents, to conduct the analyzes for the purposes set out above, the Data Controller integrates the navigation and behavioral profiling data collected on its website and applications. Then, it processes them with methods of statistical correlation with the data present in its databases (subject to specific consent to profiling for the improvement of the service), to more broadly determine your tastes and preferences.
Depending on which and how many consents you have given, the Data Controller will conduct more or less precise and in-depth analyzes for the purposes indicated, relying on a wider variety of observable data. In the absolute absence of consent or in the absence of consent necessary for the pursuit of the purpose, no personalization will be carried out and you will see and use our services in their "general" mode.


When the Data Controller proposes an "accept" with consent or "refuse all" formula, the acceptance of consent using the general acceptance button "Accept" present in the information message upon first access to the site, will imply the activation of all the purposes provided above.  The interested party will consequently be allowed access to the sections of the site indicated in Terms and conditions.

Conversely, if the user refuses consent entirely (including the purposes indicated above), access will be diverted to an offer functionally equivalent to the inhibited service.

The granting of consent is free. If you do not wish to fully accept or refuse consent, you can freely and individually choose the purposes you accept and refuse. This is permitted by clicking on the "Cookie settings" link of the information pop-up that appears on first landing on the site or whenever cookies are deleted. You can also always change your choices.



    7. List of technical cookies not subject to consent


Ssr-caching cookies:this cookie is required for the cache function. A cache is used by the website for

optimize response times between the user and the website. The cache is usually stored on the user's browser. .


TS# cookies:used to ensure website security and fraud detection. 

XSRF-TOKEN cookies:guarantees the safety of visitors' navigation by preventing cross-site request forgery. This cookie is essential for the security of the website and the visitor. .



    8. Cookie consent management

On first access to a site or application of the Data Controller and in any case after 365 days from the last expression of consent or immediately after the voluntary cancellation of cookies by the data subject, you will be shown an information banner through which it will be possible to:

  • read the extended information on the use of cookies by the Data Controller ("Cookie policy" link in the text of the banner);

  • fully accept the use of cookies by the Owner and third parties ("Accept" button);

  • fully reject the use of cookies by the Owner and third parties ("Reject all" button);

  • individually select the cookies to accept and reject (“Preferences” button).


Subsequently and at any time you can access the modification of the consent given or refused by accessing this cookie policy shown at the bottom of the website of the owner and in the appropriate section and by clicking on the "COOKIE PREFERENCES" button below. From here you can:

  • individually select or deselect the cookies offered by the Owner and its partners;

  • activate all cookies with a single act, by pressing the "Accept" button;

  • deactivate all cookies with a single act, by pressing the "Refuse" button;

  • save the chosen configuration by pressing the "Save" button;

  • close the window without changing anything by pressing the "Back" button.

If you have opted to place your trust in us and give us your consent, after 365 days from collection (or sooner if you have deleted the cookies, including the technical one with which we keep track of your preferences) we will ask you again to confirm or deny it.


If you have denied consent, in the absence of your voluntary changes to the device and browser settings (e.g. deletion of cookies or activation of automatic functions for their periodic deletion) which may affect our ability to keep track of the response provided, we do not we will ask for consent again before 6 months have passed since the denial.


     9. Consequences of refusal of consent

In principle, the services should not be compromised if you refuse consent to the purposes that provide for it, but since the site will not allow any of the cookies you have refused to collect data during your navigation and use, some sections may present anomalies if they are provided by third-party partners and you have specifically denied consent to their cookies.

Denial of consent to profiling for the personalization of content will not allow you to access parts of the service that are exclusively personalized and dynamic.

     10. Third-party cookies unrelated to the Owner

For all cookies installed by third parties not known to the Owner who have not adhered to an international consent management scheme and who, subject to your consent on another site or application, should process personal data also through our property but outside our control, you can exercise your right to object by accessing the site or at the website  or by visiting the privacy information pages on the sites of these third parties and in any case by deleting the cookies according to the procedures provided by the browser you use.

Since each browser - and often different versions of the same browser - also differ significantly from each other, if you prefer to act independently through your browser preferences, you can find detailed information on the necessary procedure in your browser guide. For an overview of the action modes for the most common browsers, you can visit




This Privacy and Cookie Policy is updated as of October 26, 2022

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